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Small Business Insurance

At Aubrey Rogers Insurance Agency, Inc., we understand that your business is your passion.  Now, protecting your assets
and income from financial loss has never been so easy.  We have package policies that can provide your small business
insurance protection for general liability, business contents and more! 

Why Choose Us?

1.  Customized: 

   Our small business insurance plans are tailored to fit your individual needs.  We don’t offer 
   a one-size-fits-all insurance plan. 



   We are insurance brokers so we have more options than a standard insurance agency....and
   we don't work for any insurance company - we work directly for you!  If you're looking for quotes
   and you want options well we have them.  By shopping our network of A+ rated insurance 
   companies, we will provide you with a variety of customized quotes with endorsements 
   that are specific to your field.  


   Whether your company is a home-based business or you own an apartment complex, we will 
   provide you with flexible coverage options at prices that fit your budget.  We also can place
   insurance coverage for start-ups, new corporations and LLCs.



   Regardless of the size of your account,  our expert insurance agents will provide you with
   superior customer service.

Types of Coverage We Offer?

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)
General Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
Errors and Omissions Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance
Liquor Liability Insurance
Worker's Compensation Insurance
Employment Practice Liability Insurance
Business Property Insurance
Crime Insurance
Excess Liability Insurance