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Taxi Insurance

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Taxi Insurance Information

What is makes taxi insurance different than a normal commercial auto insurance policy?
Most companies can survive off of a normal commercial auto policy, which covers their business and the drivers they add to their policy. But taxi insurance is unique because it covers every passenger who gets into your taxi cab.

Florida taxi cab insurance protects your vehicle against theft, damage to your vehicle and personal injury to either yourself or your customer. A taxi insurance policy can also include a business interruption policy for when your vehicle breaks down and you are unable to continue working because of the damages.

You can qualify for a Florida taxi insurance policy if:

  • You are between the ages of 25 and 65
  • You have no previous convictions of
    • vehicular manslaughter
    • possesion of drugs
    • possession of illegal firearms
  • You have no alcohol problems
  • You contact Aubrey Rogers Insurance Ageny, Inc. today to get started on your free taxi insurance quote